“Let’s take action together!” – ACT Genomics × Abu Postcards Charity Sale

ACT Genomics has been dedicated to the field of precision medicine for over eight years. We provide extensive information on one’s genome, while the patients share their life stories with us. This year, we invited a Taiwanese illustrator, as well as a cancer survivor herself, Abu to turn the joy, the vulnerability, and the toughness of fighting against disease into five vivid drawings. Together with other drawings, Abu made during her journey of fighting cancer, we named the series “Hope and Rainbows” and launched the event of postcard charity sale online. For every one set of postcards sold, ACT Genomics will donate another NTD 160 dollars to the Taiwan Neuroendocrine Tumor Society.


“Hopes and Rainbow” Postcards

Price: NTD 240 dollars (delivery fee included)

Details: 150*100mm/ 12 different drawings in a set

Link to Purchase: https://myship.7-11.com.tw/general/detail/GM2112311535657

For more details, see: https://www.facebook.com/pupu555/